“Susan was always so nice & helpful. All explanations were very clear. I have already recommended the services here and will continue to do so. Thank you!”

— Amy D.

“Thanks so much for making me feel young again. I can enjoy life with my grandkids. I will tell my friends & family.”

— Claudia P.

“I did not plan or expect to be in pain. I searched for help far and wide and no one comes close to Susan. Save your frustration and book your appointment to start the healing process. She is one of a kind. Thank you.”

— Josh K.

“Over the years I have experienced various spinal pain, from Spinal Stenosis to Sciatic pain. My initial visit with Susan Schehr I was convinced that I was in good hands. With each therapy treatment, I had more movement of my arms and legs with less pain. … in the future, I can depend on Susan’s expertise in her physical therapy treatments.”

— Diane B.

“I have been going to Susan S. for physical therapy for probably 10 years now. She has helped me after an auto accident, a fall at work and a fall at home….Recently, I have been on several rounds of antibiotics for a recurring sinus infection… She worked her magic on my sinuses and now I can actually breathe and don’t feel like I’m in a fog. I highly recommend Susan and her staff. It’s always a pleasant experience and I leave feeling better every time I go!”

— Elaine G.

“This was an excellent experience. Susan is a knowledgeable and professional therapist who never rushed me, but were always helpful. Don’t change a thing!”

— Jean B.

“Last year, I had surgery which left a large vertical scar on my abdomen.  Dr. Schehr worked on the scarred area allowing me to stand straighter and feel more flexible . That made me feel better overall  and I was able to move as I did before the surgery.

Dr. Schehr has what I call a ‘gift’ in that she is able to read a person’s body and knows what needs to be done to make the patient/client feel and look better and to alleviate any aches or pains they may be experiencing.  She’s easy to talk to with any concerns that one may have and really listens to what you say.  I truly feel  if I didn’t see Dr. Schehr  that I, as a senior citizen,  would not look as good as I do nor would my body feel and move as good as it does.”

— Joyce K.

“I have received physical therapy from Susan for close to 20 years. I’ve stayed with her because she gets results and has always helped me. Her Hands-On approach makes all the difference!

When she invented Refacee®,  I had enough confidence her in her to try it. What a difference it has made: my hair has filled in, deep lines have become minimal, and my eyes look brighter. I think the woman is brilliant!”

— Lynn Z.

“Since having this physical therapy, I feel better than I have in a long time. It is nice ‘not’ having migraines several times a week.”

— Shelly U.

“I have referred a number of patients to Susan . Some have had acute problems, others chronic problems, some for many years. Several had multiple past attempts at treatments for chronic pain and dysfunction by medical physiatrists , surgeons  or physical therapists,  without satisfactory improvements. The degree of relief or resolution of their problems after working with Susan has often been nothing short of unbelievable. Using techniques that are both conventional and unfamiliar (in my medical experience), she has been able to achieve results with my patients that  exceeded their prior degree of recovery.

Some  were told that they had achieved maximum benefit by other treaters and had accepted a permanence to their problems. So they approached my referral to Susan with skepticism, anticipating another meager result in a long line of treatments. However, their remarkable results  with her turned them from skeptics into  enthusiastic referrers to Susan  among their friends and relatives.  A master of some remarkable techniques, Susan is truly one of Baltimore’s “hidden treasures.”  When my patients say, “I’ve tried everything,” my response is “you haven’t tried Susan Schehr.”

— Mark Komrad M.D., DFAPA

“Seventy is the new fifty and I’m living proof of that thanks to the revitalizing Refacee® technique given by Dr. Susan Schehr. Not only do I look better, after a session, I feel better as well which is such a nice plus!”

— Sher E.

“I was very pleased with the outcome of my care. I appreciate Dr. Schehr’s commitment to helping her patients.”

— Sheronda W.

“Thank you all for your kindness, concern, and expert care! The trips to your office were well worth the drive; thanks to your help, I’m feeling so much better.”

— Wanda F.

“Susan has been my ‘go-to’ practitioner for many years. I have a history of headaches, TMJ and neck pain and she has provided the least invasive treatments
with the greatest benefits.”

— Randee G.

“I was in a tremendous amount of pain (from bicep tendinitis) and could barely lift my arm. I had to learn to get dressed, open car doors, put on my seatbelt, etc. using my other arm. The slightest movement would cause me excruciating pain. My own doctor told me that I needed to rest it, and it would likely improve over several weeks’ time. When it didn’t, I consulted an orthopaedic shoulder specialist, who sent me for physical therapy. I worked with a very reputable physical therapy company for six weeks, with limited improvement. I went back to the orthopaedic shoulder specialist who told me that unless I wanted surgery, I would have to learn to live with it.

Shortly thereafter, I heard great things about Susan Schehr. I went to see her, but I was skeptical & had low expectations. I could see right away that her approach was vastly different from what I had experienced before. She sees the body as an integrated whole, so effective healing of a damaged part cannot take place without taking into account all the other parts. Susan works with an amazing intuition that zeros in on areas that need work, all in the service of healing the affected part.

I saw Susan twice a week for about six weeks. After each session I was amazed at my improvement. By the end, I had full use and full range of motion in my left arm, without any pain. I call her my miracle worker. I am still amazed at what she was able to achieve for me. I am so grateful to her. I recently went back to see her for a different issue, having to do with my back. In about five sessions the entire problem was cleared up. Susan is Baltimore’s greatest treasure!”

— Kim K.

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