Pain is a message from the body that something is not right.    

When you are aware as to why you have pain, it is easier to fix. But when you are unaware of the cause or source, you may be puzzled; rightly so.  It come from many places; therefore, it is important to rule out fractures, herniations and medical issues.  However, if the pain persists and other diagnoses are ruled-out, it may be musculoskeletal in origin, with a neurovascular component affecting the region.

Many clinicians are taught that the musculoskeletal system is limited to muscles, bones, joints, tendons and ligaments, perhaps minimizing the effect of the neurovascular components. Treatments in physical therapy offer modalities and exercises to the painful area; chiropractic treatments offer joint adjustments.  

Each may only be temporary in relief.

But, by addressing the musculoskeletal and neurovascular sources, relief may be more permanent. This includes rebalancing the muscles and reducing restrictions in the fascia and any scar tissue, with an integrated advanced physical therapy and osteopathic whole-body approach.


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