Susan SchehrDr. Susan Schehr has been active in the physical therapy field for over 40 years.

Her story begins at age 13, when she discovered the field of physical therapy at a local nursing home. Volunteering for five summers, frequently in their physical therapy department, she witnessed the quality of life improve for so many people. In her senior year at high school, she was invited to join the Career Development Program where she participated in internships observing several different types of therapy programs.

After this educating experience Susan knew she wanted pursue a career in physical therapy and help people.

Initially a student at the University of Maryland, College Park, Honors Program, she transferred to and graduated from the University of Maryland, School of Medicine Department of Physical Therapy with a Bachelor of Science degree. In the course of her career, she pursued over 500 hours in hands-on training by experts in the field. Then, after 30 years of physical therapy experience, including Director of Pain Relief & Sports Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Center, she continued her education at the University of Montana at Missoula, where she was awarded a Doctorate degree in physical therapy.

Susan lives and breathes physical therapy, but also can be found keeping fit with hiking, bicycling, tennis, as well as enjoying family, genealogy, photography and travel.

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