We all would like to enjoy healthy aging by maintaining our youthful looks
and the same level of activity with minimal pain and dysfunction.

Research shows that by taking care of our body, we can actively reduce the effects of aging. We know that by eating a nutritious diet and avoiding substances and situations that have been found to damage the body’s tissue, the body functions are better sustained. From a physical therapist’s perspective, the proper care of muscles can also be tantamount to healthy aging.

Muscles help us move, keep us upright, stabilize our body
and maintain our posture, symmetry and body position.

My definition of aging is the process of wear and tear on the body from using, misusing, and abusing our body through the years. Whether from strains and sprains, sitting at a desk all day or squinting at the sun glare, our body and face become imbalanced and asymmetric over the years.

The good news is that this process can be slowed and even reversed
as balance of muscle tension and posture is re-established.

Refacée® facial treatments, may help clients achieve a balanced and more youthful appearance.


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