Headaches can range from a simple
annoyance to lost time at work and leisure.

You may try to ignore it or mask it with medication for temporary relief,
but when they become more chronic, it might even cause a lifestyle change.

There are many types and causes of headaches. Some are the result of a direct force to the head, face or neck from a recent or old injury. Others may be due to migraines, occipital neuralgia, sinus issues or TMJ dysfunction. The pain in you feel may not just be in your head. In fact, they may result from indirect forces and muscle imbalances, leading to poor posture, which then affect the tension in your neck and head.

The longer you experience headaches in your life, the more you tend to try to accommodate them, which may cause more imbalances and, in turn, stronger and more frequent headaches.

As a physical therapist, I understand that the head and neck cannot be balanced if it rests on an imbalanced body. Although stretching and strengthening are very helpful, releasing the tension and rebalancing muscles at the neuromuscular level by using a whole-body, holistic, hands-on approach, may make changes more permanent.


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