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Body Symmetry

Achieving Balance – Body in Symmetry

You might think that symmetry and good posture make you look better, even and more youthful. I agree. But did you know that the more symmetric the Body, the more flexible and efficient it is?  This symmetry translates to more balance  and may reduce your chance for injury. Digestion and breathing may also be improved.

When I say symmetry, I’m talking about:

  1. The posture of the whole body and specific areas
  2. Flexibility
  3. Muscle tone (fullness)
  4. Movement

Optimally, the body should be centered from front to back, side to side and rotationally. There should be equal flexibility in your limbs on both sides. Your body contours should be the same from side to side. This also means muscles on one side of the body should have the same fullness as the other side.

Old injuries, past surgeries, disease processes and structural problems like scoliosis, may be the cause of some of these asymmetries. Having any of these, or other problems, does not mean that your body is unable to become more centered and balanced. You can regain body balance!

Take the Body Symmetry Assessment:


This part of the Quiz is fun to do in pairs or in front of a mirror.

Stand in front of your partner or mirror fully dressed.

  1. Is one shoulder higher or more forward than the other?
  2. Does your shirt or blouse tend to always shift to one side?
  3. Is one pant leg longer than the other?
  4. Does one bra strap fall off of your shoulder mostly on the same side?
  5. When you lift your shirt to expose your belly button, is it off centered? (see blog post on the Belly Button Test)
  6. Where does the center seam of your pants or skirt fall? Is it shifted to the side of your spine?


Now look at your contour with your body more revealed.

  1. Does your upper chest appear caved in?
  2. Is one shoulder more rounded and the other bony looking?
  3. Are your breasts parallel or is one breast lower than the other?
  4. Is the front of your rib cage more prominent on one side?
  5. Is your waistline flatter on one side and more contoured on the other?

A specialized, holistic approach with the use of proven osteopathic and physical therapy techniques will help to realign the muscles and restore body symmetry by:

  1. Gentle re-balancing of the body with craniosacral therapy
  2. Releasing restrictions in bound-down fascia or scar tissue with manual therapy
  3. Releasing tension in overactive muscles through neuromuscular re-education
  4. Retraining weak muscles with specific, individualized therapeutic exercises
  5. Identifying and modifying the activities and postures which are the source of continued imbalances

Submit your questions to Schehr Center For Wellness at, and look for new blog posts with information and education.  Book your consultation today.

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