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The Balanced Body -Aging Body- Part 4

A Balanced Body feels better, moves better, looks better, and is more efficient. Therefore, as a physical therapist for more than 35 years, it baffles me why so many people don’t take the best care of their body.

Interestingly, we are quick to take care of our material possessions.

  • You tune your piano, guitar or other instrument in order to maintain the balance and quality of sound.
  • You maintain your car or truck with a periodic tune-up to assure all is in good working order for safety and performance.
  • You think to replace strings on a tennis racquet, maintain your golf clubs, wax your skis or tune-up your bicycle before it breaks down.
  • YET, you use, misuse and abuse your body until it breaks down… Then you call your doctor.

A body “tune-up” emphasizes mechanical and neuromuscular rebalancing of the body by:

  • releasing muscle tension
  • minimizing the restrictions from bound down connective tissue as well as scar tissue
  • identifying muscles which need strengthening

Simply “popping” a joint in the spine, arms, or legs in place will not keep them in place.  It takes changing the neural pathways to and from the brain to effectively sustain the change. This requires advanced physical therapy techniques.

A Balanced Body can help:

  • relax tension in muscles and throughout the body
  • promote posture that is not tilted forward or to the side
  • normalize digestion by reducing restrictions in the digestive tract caused by muscle tension and compression of the surrounding tissue
  • improve respiration by mobilizing the diaphragm and increasing mobility in the rib cage
  • restore proper blood flow by releasing the tension and restrictions in the surrounding muscles and connective tissue which may limit adequate pumping of blood
  • prevent falls causing further damage to your body
  • reduce headaches and other pain
  • enhance the athlete by optimizing the systems of the body

Help work towards a Balanced Body in your daily life.

  • vary your activities
  • get into a routine of aerobic and strength training exercises, 3 times per week
  • take a dance class or Tai Chi
  • stretch tight muscles, (but don’t overstretch)

You can replace your car or tennis racquet, but you only have one body.

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  1. I am a firm believer! Dr. Schehr has made a big improvement in my active lifestyle. Giving me the tools I need to have for a more balanced life. I didn’t realize how much more dominant I was using mostly the right side of my body and the damage it caused. With the help from Dr. Schehr she is able to give me the knowledge I need to having a more balanced life. It improves your everything! You can not imagine the damage… one muscle to the next. I feel amazing with just a little tweak once in a while. Monthly maintenance works for me! Thank you Dr. Schehr!!

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