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Aging Gracefully: 6 Tips- Aging Body Part 2

Aging gracefully is not difficult if you don’t have major diseases or bad injuries. Knowing which postures and movements are good for the body and which are not is a simple means to healthy aging. The bottom line is keeping muscles balanced.

  • By understanding what “aging” means, you can understand how slowing down the effects of aging can be managed by reducing the prior wear and tear effects of aging and
  • learning how to lessen further wear and tear to the body

Here are a few tips  to get you started. There are many things you can do to help the body maintain balance. Check back for more!

Aging gracefully requires you to treat your body kindly.

  • Strive for symmetry:

1.  set up your workstation so that you spend equal time looking and moving to the left and right

2.  use your non-dominant hand more often

Here’s why: By always turning your head in the same direction and moving in one direction, or by only using the same hand, those muscles develop greater tension being used more often than the other; while less used muscles get flabby and weak.  This eventually moves the body to an off-centered position and may lead to pain.

  •   Stand up slowly and fully before beginning to walk:

3.  place your feet evenly on the floor or other surface before standing up

4.  slowly stand up, feeling the knees and lower back straighten, then moving the chest outward to a full upright position

Here’s why: We tend to get up as we are walking and never quite make it to a full upright posture resulting in joints that get stiff and muscles cramped from never quite straightening out.

  •  Avoid over-reaching:

5.  keep objects and activities within reach

6.  use accessory tools to reach where you cannot, this avoids straining muscles and shifting joints out of position

Here’s why: Reaching forward or upward beyond what is comfortable places a strain on the neck that may lead to a pinched nerve.  It can also place a strain to the shoulder and elbow muscles and possibly even the neck and back.

A healthier body could help you look and feel better.

Practice these tips for healthy aging and follow us for more tips at LinkedIn and Facebook.

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