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The Aging Face – 5 Tips- Aging Body Part 3

The Aging Face presents in different ways for different people. Signs of the aging face include changes in skin texture, lines, wrinkles and furrows.  This happens because various structures of the face recede, which may be due to the overuse of some facial muscles and the underuse of others.  And if the rest of the body is shifted from center, it may accentuate the effects.

Let’s look at some changes that occur in the Aging Face.

Facial expressions account for a portion of the changes. Some people furrow their brow, others purse their lips, still others squint or smile a lot. I think the effects of gravity are sometimes overstated.  For instance, smile lines cannot be due to gravity – unless a person’s usual position is a headstand! Upper lip lines also seem to defy gravity.  The muscles used in these expressions become overused in time and feel tense. The facial muscles that aren’t being used as much tend to sag over time. The result is lines, wrinkles and furrows, as well as facial asymmetries.

Here are some other changes observed in the Aging Face all due to tension in the muscles:

  • Eyes appear  unlevel or asymmetrically shaped
  • Sunken eyes
  • Cheek fullness is more on one side
  • Neck is sagging
  • Jowls appear
  • Lips disappear

5 Strategies to reduce the effects of aging and to minimize the Aging Face.

  1. Reduce squinting at the sun by wearing sunglasses. While squinting helps protect the eyes from the sun, continuous contraction of the muscle around the eye shrinks its opening and may cause the eyes to recess.
  2. Use the appropriate glasses and/or purchase a monitor glare reducer. Although it aids in seeing more clearly, similar to squinting at the sun, squinting to see better overworks the muscle surrounding the eye.
  3. Chew on both sides of the mouth as equal as possible. This helps balance the muscles of the jaw, promoting symmetry and reduces the pulling which causes lines on one side of the face.
  4. Pay attention to head position. It doesn’t just give you headaches, it promotes asymmetry, especially affecting the neck and mouth. In addition, constantly tilting the head leads to tightness and tension in the muscles on one side of the neck. This may cause jowls and neck sagging.
  5. Don’t smoke – besides other health issues, it may give you upper lip lines. Lines can form over time as the lips purse.  This could also happen with other activities like drinking from a straw, whistling or playing instruments.

To help further reduce the effects of the Aging Face, choose Refacée®,  an all natural process.

Since 1999, I have been helping my clients reduce the effects of the Aging Face by reducing the tension in some muscles, while promoting the use of the sagging muscles.  Results have included:

  • Reducing wrinkles and furrows
  • Reducing sunken and asymmetric eyes
  • Lifting the forehead
  • Improving sunken cheeks
  • Reducing jowls and neck sagging
  • Recovering disappearing lips

I give you personalized tips as to how YOU can help yourself mitigate the aging process.

Schedule your FREE consultation and promote Healthy Aging.


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